British Folk Art       



Glass rolling pin c. 1870. P. 62. £80


Enamel patch box c 1800. P 63. £175


Splintwork chair c 1900. P 135. £35


Straw work model house. P 133. £25


Friendly Society polehead. 19th C. P 125. £55


Trench art vase. 1920s. P 129. £35


Model Butchers Wagon with tools. P 139. £85


Treen sugar tongs "Mrs Lewis". P 23. £45


Fairground marionette. P 39. £80 (mechanism needs attention). £55


Genuine working horse brasses. 19th C. P 127. £85


Treen tobacconists sign. P 80. £55


Very decorative pair of bellows, carved and painted wood, leather bellows, brass nozzle. Late 19th C. 34 cms long. £135


Clown marionette head. Late 19th C. 13 cms. £35


Offertory bag frame and tip ball game. 19th C. £45


Sailor-made sweetheart cushion. P 130. £135


Handmade treen darts case + darts. Early 20th C. £45


Victorian treen egg frame. £70


Late 18th/early 19th C "fox" butchers cleaver. 39 cms. £85


Very old horn in the shape of a fish. 18th C.38 cms. £75


"Love" fork and spoon carved from a single piece of wood. 19th C. Each 18 cms. £45


Two-sided pastry mould dated 1876. P 121. £45


19th C clay pipe case. 27 cms. £50


Two 19th C church pew "poppyheads". 27 cms. £90


Unusual 19th C "quiver", possibly French. 33 cms. £35


Screw nutcracker 20th C. 11.5 cms. £40


Pair of early 19th C lemon or lime squeezers. 25.5 cms. £75


Late 19th C pecking bird toy. One head needs re-fixing. £65


Two pipe tampers, a treen head and a brass jester with scroll inscription on base. 7 cms. £75


Walnut containing photographic scroll with scenes of London. £30


Walnut containing a pin cushion. £20


Half walnut snuffbox with 1834 farthing (?) on fob. £70


"Donkey" nutcracker. 19 cms. £45


Interesting woodblock with inscription "Moses A Cleadand's Bord Oct 3 1822". 21 cms. £65


Small decorative chair. 13 cms. £15


Painted wood hag. P 91. £45


19th C oak lovespoon with heart & keyhole and initialled "W A". 21.5 cms. £45


Hearth brush 19th C. P 137. £35


Hearth brush with beaten copper face. late 19th C. £55


Boxwood screw nutcracker early 19th C. 11.5 cms. £55



For Sale

In the course of writing this book I was unable to source images of all of the objects I wanted to include so I bought many pieces of folk art that didn't directly fit into my collection. I'm now ready to sell on some of those pieces.

Many of the objects pictured here are  from the book where you will find a more detailed description. I have included the relevant page numbers.

The cost of shipping is additional to all of the prices quoted here . Please email me if you are interested in something or would like further information.